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We are 3 students from Stuttgart Media University visiting the course “Audiovisual Media”.

René Heß: Writer, Director

René has been making short films for more than 10 years. Amongst others he was awarded at 2880 Grand Prix du Film in Leverkusen, Germany. Internships at Constantin Film ("Anonyma - A Woman in Berlin") and film distributors (Gierich GmbH Film Licht Technik) earned him broad knowledge in filmmaking. During his studies he directed "ad acta", a "bureaucratic" short film bearing resemblance to Kafka.

Rick Poley: Producer, Visual Effects

During his studies, Rick specialized in production und visual effects and improved his skills in two short film productions. He also gained experience at TRIXTER Film in Munich working on international movie productions. Besides his studies he voluntarily produced a documentary about the Speech Therapy Kindergarten in Wolfsburg.

Waldemar Solotowizki: Director of Photography

Waldemar was responsible for camera and lighting of the short film "Verzettelt", which debuted in October 2009 at the short film festival in Constance, as well as of the sociocritical stop-motion-clip "Webciety". Alongside his studies he produces image und commercial clips.

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