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Our film is inspired by the movies "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", "Snatch" and "RocknRolla" of the legendary British director Guy Ritchie

The Idea

The idea of „On Strings“ is quite simple: We want to do things a little differently.

Many previous films created at Stuttgart Media University dealt with topics like the challenges of growing up and situations that one never had to face before. Most of these films treated these matters in a thoughtful and melancholic manner. But we want to tackle this content in an entertaining, funny and also ironic way instead.
“On Strings” should be understood as a link between personal fates worth telling and stories which are funny and entertaining. Both points are interesting and challenging by themselves. But the thrilling end of our studies has its roots in the combination of both to create a breathtaking short film

In order to make this project come true, we highly depend on your support in terms of donations and sponsoring. A major part of our technical equipment is provided by our university. But we have to bear any further expenses on our own. And this can be freakin’ expensive. So please help us…