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The movie is about the young financial consultant Thommy who accidently burns a small fortune that actually belongs to a notorious pimp named Dogge. Now he is forced to get it back somehow in only 3 days. Otherwise he will be in real big trouble.

When his rich but totally off-the-hook parents turn out to be no help whatsoever, his girlfriend Sarah comes up with a promising idea: Thommy's housemate Jean has always been involved in some minor drug deals, and it turns out that he's got his hands on a completely new designer drug. To perform his first big deal, Sarah’s help actually comes in handy.

But because the deal is interrupted by an unknown attacker, not only Jean and Sarah return with empty hands to their sponsor (a schizophrenic scientist with a choleric temper). Also Butch seems to be involved somehow. Slowly everyone gets the awkward feeling that someone's playing a lousy game… a game that winds up in a final showdown.

"On Strings" is the funny story of an unlucky devil whose once boring life suddenly comes up with more surprises than he could wish for.